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Gourmet Gary's

Buy 2 Get 1 Free (Steak + Seafood + You Choice of Free Chicken or Pork!)

Buy 2 Get 1 Free (Steak + Seafood + You Choice of Free Chicken or Pork!)

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When you buy...

1 All Natural USDA Choice Steak Case $329.50

  • All Natural USDA Choice T-Bones (4/14oz)
  • All Natural USDA Choice Delmonico Ribeyes (6/8oz)
  • All Natural USDA Choice Strips (6/9oz)
  • All Natural USDA Choice Pepper Steaks (10/5-6oz)
  • All Natural USDA Choice Burgers (12/5.2oz)
  • All Natural USDA Choice FiletsSteaks (8/5oz)


1 Seafood 6 Pack Case $329.50

  • Snapper = 2.0 Lbs Total)
  • Yellowfin Tuna = 2.0 Lbs Total)
  • Garlic Salmon  = 2 Lbs Total
  • Breaded Shrimp = 2.0 Lbs Total
  • White Fish = 2 Lbs Total
  • Bourbon Tilapia= 2.0 Lbs Total

You Get Your Choice of Either a FREE PORK or CHICKEN case, a $189.50 VALUE may now select a FREE 4lb Bone-in Tomahawk Ribeye (shown in the pics down's a showstopper.)

Pork Package includes

  • Bone in Pork Chops Southwest  (8x 6oz = 3 lbs total)
  • Pork Tenderloin  (5/8oz = 3lbs total)
  • Country Style Ribs (8x6oz = 3lbs total)
  • Center Cut Pork Chops (8x 6oz= 3lbs total)
  • Pork Italian Sausage Links (1x 3lb = 3lb total)
  • Mesquite barbecue pork roast (2x 1.5 lbs)


Chicken Package includes

  • All Natural Plain Chicken Breast (8x 5oz= 2.5lbsTotal)
  • All Natural Southwest BBQ Chicken Breast (8x 5oz = 2.5lbs Total)
  • Chicken Wings  (3.0lbs Total)
  • All Natural Garlic/Herb Chicken Breast (8x5oz = 2.5lbs Total)
  • Chicken Breast Tenderloin Fritters  (3.0lbs Total)
  • All Natural Raw Chicken Tenders Rib Meat (3.0 Total)


**Each Cut May Vary By Weight

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Ted Arnold
Best service ever!!!

The food is amazing and great quality. Gary I feel has become a friend, and my children love when he comes around. The price tag on face value seems like a lot, but when I break it out over the year, I save a TON on my grocery bill. I will be a lifelong customer. Thanks Gary!!

Lots of delicious meat!

Just look at all the options here! I wish I could make up my mind! It all looks so good! I’m inviting my friends to check them out!

Great quality, wide selection!

Gourmet Gary’s has a great selection of fresh meats and seafood, plus there right here in Colorado! Looking forward to stocking my freezer with some tasty New York Strips ASAP! Nom Nom Nom!

Patrick Stewart
Delicious, high quality

Amazing quality, delicious steak, chicken and seafood. We are pumped to have a full freezer that will last a couple months. Definitely will be ordering more when we are running low. And Gary is an awesome guy who offers great customer service.

Shona James

Easy to order, quick delivery, great products.
Will order again!