About Gourmet Gary

Gourmet Gary & WIfe Betsy

I believe every person should have a sustainable product to eat. Especially a product without any hormones, antibiotics, or any GMO's. Here at Gourmet Gary's, we strive to deliver a product such of this, at half the price of the store delivered to your door.

We are a family run organization. With hundreds of customers in a short 18 month period. I am an athlete and I used to play baseball in 1989 for the San Francisco Giants organization AA Lake Tahoe stars. I've always been an athlete and always took care of my body and what we put in it.  My wife Betsy is also a Illinois state champion dancer in high school. And she also is an algebra teacher in the Cherry Creek school district for 21 years. Eighth grade algebra!!!!!! We both enjoy helping people in our lives. We both strive for excellence. We also believe that eating right and exercise not only makes you feel better and look better but also makes you live longer.

We currently ship to customers in four states. Our goal is in the next three years to have customers in every state around the country. We do believe that with good food becomes great relationships which in turn makes a great company.